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Constellation Crystals is my absolute favourite crystal shop, 90% of my collection is from this little business! Always ethical, always high quality beautiful crystals and always at incredibly affordable prices. I cannot recommend them enough!


Constellation Crystals is 100% the best crystal shop I know! Not only are the crystals themselves so beautiful but the prices are amazing, and Alicia places a huge importance on ethics, which is fantastic. I can enjoy my gorgeous crystals even more knowing that they come from ethical sources. One of my favourite things about Constellation Crystals are the live sales on instagram! Honestly such a great experience, everyone in the chat is so lovely to each other :) Everything about this shop is incredible and I 100% recommend! Thanks so much for everything Alicia <3


I became interested in crystals and everything in that realm just recently and so I started up a crystal collection over the last couple months - and how lucky I am to have found this site! The quality of every item I have received is amazing, along with such great prices and incredible customer service! Also the packaging is my absolute favourite, it's like opening up a little present every time I buy even more crystals! I cannot recommend Constellation Crystals enough and I also cannot wait to keep building my collection :) x


Alicia has been and always will be my go-to online crystal shop! She is an incredible seller; ethically moral, beautiful crystals and a very helpful person! I will always recommend her when speaking to a friend about witchy things!